Meet our buddy Seth!
Which agencies or organizations are you affiliated with? Volunteering Untapped
Hometown:  Baltimore
What topics are you passionate about (in regard to volunteering/ social action)?
I am most passionate about creating and elevating leaders. It is necessary for people to see how much impact they can have, then let their passions drive their behavior. 
What project(s) did you work on when volunteering at the Baltimore Community ToolBank?
I worked alongside the 25 other Volunteering Untapped volunteers on a few different things. We primarily worked on the rain gardens, which was such an exciting project to be a part of. The ToolBank is creating the blueprint that will hopefully be replicated all around the city and it was great to have a hand in its creation.
Why did you choose to volunteer at the ToolBank?
I am a big fan of the ToolBank and of Noah. I think the ToolBank provides an incredibly important and impactful service to the community. I love seeing those blue tools around town!
Why are you passionate about giving back in Baltimore? 
Baltimore is where I live, work and play. I believe in Baltimore and I know that I need to give back – and encourage others to do the same – if we are going to understand the city’s problems well enough to work toward some solutions.
 If you had to describe your volunteer experience at the ToolBank in just one word, what would it be? Fun!
What did you enjoy the most while working at the ToolBank? 
I most enjoyed the camaraderie that you get out of working side by side with other volunteers and supporting an organization that serves an important function for the city.

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