Meet Aileen, another powerful ToolBanker!

This volunteer extraordinaire helped out with our annual Hammers & Ales event and volunteered in our rain gardens. We look forward to working with her again in the near future.


What agencies or organizations are you affiliated with?
Hometown: Rochester, NY 
What topics are you passionate about (in regard to volunteering/ social action)?
The two volunteer organizations I have worked the most with are Engineers without Borders and Habitat for Humanity. I love working with these organizations because I can directly use my skills as an engineer to benefit the community. 
What project(s) did you work on when volunteering at the Baltimore Community ToolBank?
I am new to the ToolBank and have volunteered twice so far. The first time I came with a friend and we helped weed the rain gardens and assembling new tools. I also volunteered with the annual Hammers and Ales fundraiser. 
Why did you choose to volunteer at the ToolBank?
One of my close friends was partnered with the ToolBank through the GIVE program through Business Volunteers for America. I was involved in a lot of volunteer organizations in high school and college. Being new to the working world and Baltimore I hadn’t found that community involvement here yet. I had a free weekend, and I knew my friend also enjoyed volunteering. I asked her if she had any idea of somewhere we could volunteer for the day, and get involved. She told my all about the ToolBank, and with my past work with Habitat for Humanity I knew how essential tools were to volunteer organizations and thought it sounded like an awesome organization.
Why are you passionate about giving back in Baltimore?
Through the different volunteer work I’ve done I’ve learned there are a lot of people and places out there that have so much potential, they just sometimes need some help and support to get there! Even the small acts can do so much to better your community. 
If you had to describe your volunteer experience at the ToolBank in just one word, what would it be?
What did you enjoy the most while volunteering at the ToolBank?​
I mostly work at a desk so I love taking a break to work outside and with my hands. Also the people! 

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