The Baltimore Community ToolBank’s rain gardens are one of the first things you’ll notice when you first visit our facility, but they’re actually a new feature, installed in Spring 2014! We’re featuring a series of blog posts to share more information about different aspects of the project.

beforeIn ProgressIMG_1158-o

Our Front Landscape: Before, During, and After

Our two rain gardens are sized to capture and treat 3,763 gallons of run-off for every half inch of rainfall. The native plants featured in our rain garden also provide a habitat for urban wildlife, including an assortment of butterflies, bees, and songbirds, among others. The gardens were designed with built-in wooden benches, so feel free to take a seat and enjoy the space!

Blog Post Directory
Why Manage Stormwater at the ToolBank?
Rain Garden Design
Construction Gallery
Construction Volunteer Gallery
Planting Gallery

A Year in the Life of the Rain Gardens
Rainscaping with Native Perennials
Urban Wildlife Features
Rain Garden Resource Guide

Project Partners
Biohabitats, Inc.
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Parks & People Foundation
Wildlife Habitat Council

Blue Water Baltimore (Water Audit Rebate Program)
Chesapeake Bay Trust (Grant Funding for Signage)

Thank you to our many volunteers for their participation in the installation and maintenance of the rain garden! Credit for the photographs of the construction and planting goes to Mike Hughes.

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