Floating Wetlands

If you’ve recently taken a walk around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, you’ve probably seen floating marsh grasses bobbing in the water near the World Trade Center. It’s been many years since the Inner Harbor was ringed with natural wetlands. Today the water in the Inner Harbor is notoriously degraded, plagued by issues such as dangerous bacteria levels, nutrient pollution, and trash. Despite the poor quality of the water, these floating wetlands – made partially of repurposed litter – thrive! They’re a testament to the fact that with creative problem solving and greater awareness, we can take better care of our waterways–even when they’re in the heart of a bustling city.

At the Baltimore Community ToolBank, volunteers of all ages have participated in the construction of floating wetlands. Annually since 2014, 10 modular wetlands are built by volunteers at the ToolBank and deployed on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.


The floating wetland design was created by Biohabitats, Inc. The wetlands currently floating in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor are part of the Waterfront Partnerhip’s Healthy Harbor initiative.

Established floating wetlands in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor – Summer 2015