The Baltimore Community ToolBank offers a large inventory of tools to community partners for 3 cents on the dollar to amplify their work.

Support for the ToolBank’s tool lending program allows us to empower partners working across a diversity of impact areas in our shared community. Your donation in any amount will echo throughout our partner network, which includes veterans working in food justice, teachers as they paint their classrooms, animal shelters and so much more.

Your gift allows us to offer a large inventory of tools to partners to strengthen and celebrate our communities!

As the needs of our shared community are diverse, so are our partners. The beauty of giving to the ToolBank is that you support us and other organizations across a diversity of causes at the same time. Without stepping in front of those we serve, we know our tools are used by students, veterans, and organizations that combat food insecurity, illiteracy, and some of the most entrenched problems in our region.

Join us in sharing the power of our resources with organizations small and large!

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